Because He lives!

Some years ago I attended the funeral of a beloved student whose grief stricken parents had no religion to turn to. A religious service was quickly organized, but I have not forgotten the feeling of awful and utter desolation accompanying the parents in their moment of unimaginable grief. Where was their boy? Were they never […]

Divine Redeemer

Then came the moment when Jesus spake to the Twelve, saying, “Behold, the hour…is now come…” (1) Long before the foundation of the earth He had entered into covenant with the Father that He would come forth and redeem all mankind, (2) and now the awful hour had come when He would say in his […]

How Can I Make a Difference?

Today in a world filled with heart rending scenes of violence upon the innocent, more than ever we need ask ourselves in the soberest tones, “how can I make a difference?” The answer lies in another question, oft repeated in a frivolous manner, but most meaningful if asked with real intent: “what would Jesus do?” […]