Adios, Johnny, Adios

I remember Johnny lifting his shirt to show me the wound marks left by the three nails. The fight had been a brutal one, and to beat Johnny, his opponent had taken a two by four to him. The nails in the board had pierced Johnny’s side, puncturing a lung. John spent six months in […]

Questions, I had questions

November 22, 2013 I was in my third week of basic training at Ft Polk, Louisiana and at post clothing supply with the rest of my company, being fitted for winter clothing, when the announcement came over the radio that President Kennedy had been shot. There was the break in the announcer’s voice. Everything got […]

Death of Little Ones

For a week I’d harbored a terrible premonition of death. I couldn’t shake it. I was going to take a bullet, I was almost sure. That was the Summer of 1971, and I was a cop working the hot spot of Austin, Texas, the East Side. It was quiet that night, until a call came […]