They Would Not Vote for a Mormon

As stated in the article, (The ‘Mormon Effect” Federalist, per a Gallup Poll in June of last year, a full 22 percent of the people said they would not vote for a Mormon. I predicted as much. Many a conservative and Republican preferred the current situation to voting for a Mormon, so they didn’t […]

Where are the poets of yesteryear?

Where are the poets of yesteryear, who wrote to uplift and edify? Where is that society which looked to a Higher Source, even God, for inspiration and wisdom? This nation as a whole, is impoverished in the paucity of what passes for English. Language does makes a difference! “Speak English!” one cries out, and follows […]

Benghazi, a Terrible Inconvenience

“We were not informed…we knew nothing”…The administration clung to the claim that the attack sprung from a protest over an anti-Islam film. There followed the demonization of the film maker, and Hillary Clinton’s shameful assurance to Charles Woods, the father of the slain former Navy SEAL, “We will make sure the person who made that […]

Death of a Soldier, August 6, 1950

That warm Summer morning in 1949, Judy Farias remembers well. Her older brother, Lino Farias, was going to the Army. Perhaps it was a premonition, for she doted on him. She refused to let him go. Three times the four year old climbed out of a bedroom window to run after him, bawling, before finally […]

Poetry, Enchanting Music to the Soul

There are poems aplenty. And then there is poetry, sheer and enchanting music to the soul, that which reverberates through time, for it is prophetic, uplifting, and edifying. It bespoke truth when written a hundred years and fifty years past, it bespeaks truth today, and it will ring true a hundred and fifty years hence. […]