Are we asking for too much?

Mr President, there is something to be learned from wise men of the past. Pay heed to the words of a great Democrat, even John F. Kennedy. THE PEOPLE, all of them. You sir, are President of ALL THE PEOPLE. And about the past, Mr President.┬áNo more blaming the past President. We are five years […]

About the author, Cristobal (Chris) Lopez

Cristobal Lopez is a husband, a father, and a grandfather. He has labored in various fields to include twenty years in the United States Army, eight years on the streets of Austin, Texas as a police officer, and six years supervising a fraud investigation unit for the State of Texas. Additionally he holds the rank […]

A test of wills

“There is a strong feeling that Russia is violating international law…” said this nation’s leader this date, (4 March 2014). We may suppose that Comrade Putin is quaking in his boots, following so severe an assessment of his tactics. We listened to Mr Kerry’s speech in the Ukraine today. He began well, with a forthright […]

You sir, are no junk yard dog

Six months have passed, since the penning of this article, and the situation worsens in the Ukraine. ISIS is gobbling up the middle East and threatening Europe, Britain and the United States. Our southern border is wide open, with the US Border Patrol pulled back 24 miles from the border, on orders from the President. […]