Empty praise

The statement has been made about the Ten Commandments not being “ten suggestions”. Indeed. It is not our prerogative to attempt to down grade them to our present lack of obedience. Where a potion of repentance is necessary, we need apply it. We may speak all the day long of God’s love and goodness toward […]

Feelings of deja vu

We have all experienced feelings of “deja vu” in the which we say to a complete stranger, “It is as if I know you from somewhere.” There may be more truth to that than we realize. As spirit children of our Heavenly Father, we lived in His presence prior to coming here to take on […]

For political advantage (October 2012)

I am not a fan of David Letterman, given his rough treatment of Conservatives. So I was surprised when he said, “You want your President to be telling the truth; you want the contender to be lying…Mitt said, (about an allegation made against him by the President) ‘No no, check the thing, check the thing…’ […]

Grace in defeat

Of his impending surrender to General Grant, General Robert E. Lee said…”I would rather die a thousand deaths.” But his previously unbeaten army now numbered but 6,000 poorly clad infantry, and 2,000 cavalry on spent and gaunt horses. Grant was upon him with 80,000 men. For the sake of his spent army, Lee humbly presented […]

They will do it

It is the Marines, the Soldiers, the Sailors, the Airmen who will do the fighting and dying. It will always be them, so why not let them do the planning and then follow the plan? The plan at this moment is that there is no plan. What is taking place is a tragedy in the […]

A strong friend in the President

CNN chirps that our military has today targeted its 176th airstrike over the past several weeks. Each airstrike it seems, must have the President’s approval. This timid approach to a terrible crisis emboldens our enemies around the world. We quote with disbelief the President’s words to the President of the Ukraine. “You have a strong […]

Foolish in their unwisdom

I thought at the time that exchanges such as this one would cinch the Presidency for Romney. How foolish of me! I had neglected to take into account the appaling ignorance of a great majority of the American people. Foolish, in not knowing and understanding history. Foolish, in allowing themselves such abject mental dysfunction as […]