Graduating With Honors

My beloved mother, Elizabeth Cantu Lopez, passed from this life in July of 1976, and it came as a welcome release, for she had suffered much. When she was first hospitalized, to me was delegated the duty of informing mother that she had but six months to live. The cancer had spread.  I was a […]

It Is Its Own Best Witness

There are couple of things you didn’t know about the Book of Mormon: At a time when the divine message of the Holy Bible is under attack from many directions, the Book of Mormon is the world’s most important witness to the truth and divine origin of the Holy Bible. The purpose of the Book […]

In Jeopardy from Within

In Jeopardy from Within What has happened to that which is lovely and good? What has happened to the pleasant world of my childhood, when virtue was extolled? When did the word liberty, become perverted to mean freedom to flout morality and propriety, with none to protest? What has happened to the strength which comes […]