The morning light will come

There come, immediately following the death of a loved one, those moments of peace afforded those in grief, when sorrow has yet to sink in. But sorrow does come, and with it will come the questions, and perhaps even a sense of dismay…”This isn’t fair! Why did she have to go, and leave me here […]

Whom the Lord loveth

In 1914 when the inventor Thomas Edison was 67 years old, his factory in West Orange, New Jersey, went up in flames. Everything he had worked for was gone. His son Charles searched frantically for his father and finally found him, calmly watching the fire. Charles was understandably worried for his dad. “He was 67 […]

Have you known trials?

Trials? Have you known trials? Have you felt moments of despair, and abandonment, and grief over the loss of a loved one beyond understanding? There is One who understands, even One who came before you to prepare the way. Rejected by those He came to save, He cried out in pathos and agony, “My God, […]

Where can I turn for peace?

We live in troubled times. Trials and tribulations abound. Tragically, as if such were not enough, we often compound our troubles by trials of our own making. “Where can I turn for peace?” the poet writes; “Where is my solace When other sources cease to make me whole? Where, when my aching grows, Where, when […]

Song of the heart

Inspired poetry is the song of the heart; it comes from on High. Through poetry so inspired, we hear answers to questions deep and profound. But such answers come not to the mind wallowing in filth, for the Lord will cast no pearls before swine. Listen O man, for that which is of deep import […]

Questions, I had questions

November 22, 2013 I was in my third week of basic training at Ft Polk, Louisiana and at post clothing supply with the rest of my company, being fitted for winter clothing, when the announcement came over the radio that President Kennedy had been shot. There was the break in the announcer’s voice. Everything got […]