2nd Amendment and Gun Control

Junius Romney was Stake President of the Mormon colonies in Northern Mexico in 1912 when Orozquista Revolutionary General Jose Ines Salazar (the infamous Red Shirts) ordered the confiscation of all Mormon weapons and ammunition. Instead, Romney directed the purchase of 80 Winchester lever action Rifles (the latest model rifle) and sufficient ammunition. When the Orozquistas came for their guns, they were given rusty rifles and antiquated shotguns. The Winchesters stayed with the Mormons, and accompanied them on their exodus out of Mexico. The American legacy of the 2nd Amendment goes with Americans wherever they settle, in this case, Northern Mexico. Today, in Mexico, government confiscation of privately owned weapons has triumphed. Only the barbaric, bloody, drug Cartels and their cohorts, the police and the military, possess weapons. The resulting carnage (55,000 deaths) has been horrific. Mexico’s upright, law abiding, citizens are without weapons and under siege. Gun control, supported by the Cartels is absolute.