A Vote for the Constitution

I am no supporter of Donald Trump, but with reluctance have come to the decision that I must vote for him, and not for some third party candidate which would only serve to elect the opposing candidate.

My reasons are as follows, simply put, that all might understand. I am a lover of the United States Constitution. The judicial branch interprets the meaning of laws and decides if laws violate the Constitution. The judicial branch is made up of the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts. The judges in each are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Should Hillary Clinton be elected, her impact on the judicial branch and the United States Constitution would be surpassing destructive. At present there is one vacancy in the Supreme Court, but due to the advancing age of the current justices, in the next few years there will be as many as four more vacancies.

So it is that at this moment, in casting my vote for the President of the United States, I will be voting not only for that Supreme Court Justice, but for other vacancies and pending vacancies in the federal judiciary as well. There are presently 12 Courts of Appeal justices vacating, and 75 US District Court judges vacating. 14 of these will have vacated before President Obama steps down.

At stake are such areas as national health care, national security, abortion, gun rights. Attacks on freedom of religion and on the family as an institution will increase.

I believe the Constitution to be a sacred document, ordained of God for the good of all mankind. We have seen the names of the jurists Mr. Trump will be appointing to fill judicial vacancies. I am satisfied that they are good and honest men, of the highest ideals. We can expect in them men who will interpret the Constitution, and not disregard the original intent and meaning of those who framed it.

I will vote for no third party candidate, which will only serve to defeat that which I have stated above, and change our country as we now know it in a devastating way.