Act II

We lived prior to our birth, for we are eternal beings. Yes, we lived in the presence of our Father in Heaven. He is a glorified, resurrected being. He created an earth for us to come to, that we too might take on a body which will one day also be resurrected. This is Act II of a three act play, but it is most important, for in this act we prove whether we can live worthy to return to His presence. It was understood that we would make mistakes, some of them grievous, and for this, a Savior was provided, even Jesus Christ, to take upon Himself our sins, on condition of repentance. We will each of us leave this life one day, to enter into Act III, and, if we have played our part well in Act II, we will discover that what we call death is but a rebirth into a life more glorious, more dear, and more complete than mind can fathom. Yes, life is eternal. Time, or in the Latin, “tempo,” the root word for temporal, is descriptive of Act II, for here, and here only, is time measured unto men. Life is indeed eternal. Is this not glorious doctrine?