Compassion, Not Politics

There is a terrible humanitarian crisis on the border. Little children have traveled alone across thousands of miles to come to the United States, all as a result of a misunderstanding of this President’s policies. Now here is the President of the United States speaking to the nation. His first words were in the form of a shameless attack on Republicans. Further on into the speech he informed us that he has sent “a clear message to the parents of these children that allowing them to make this trip is dangerous” that “there is a lot of confusion out there”, “these children are being captured by the Border Patrol,” that “he does not prefer taking executive action” but does so “only because Congress chooses to do nothing.” Why so rancorous and divisive a speech at a time when so many children’s lives are in peril? Surely there is compassion in the hearts of some Americans, whether Republican or Democrat. If his actions are rooted in true concern for the lives of children, why not word out a mea culpa, and then appeal to that compassion, instead of going on the attack politically?