Consider Your Ways

LEST WE FORGET…this nation, the most wonderful upon the face of the earth, has been blessed to be free because those in the past looked in unison to the Lord Jesus Christ. No more. There was a time when this nation looked to the Sabbath as a day of rest. No more. There was a time when unborn babies were protected by law and a nation’s morals. No more. There was a time when pornography was hidden from view. No more. We are into ourselves, into the ME of selfishness. Is it not time to consider our ways? Is it not time to apply the balm of repentance? If we neglect our God, by failing to do so, we as a nation will be brought to our knees through trials and tribulation such as we have not before experienced. “Ye have sown much, and bring in little; ye beat, but ye have not enough; ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes. Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.” (Haggai 1: 6,7) Whenever counsel is preceded with “Thus saith the Lord,” it is counsel to reflect upon deeply, and to follow.  Shall we not then be wise, and look within? Are we at our best, or is there room for growth?  We can do better. We can always do better. Let us begin then, by considering our ways.