In light of the heartbreaking picture above, I speak to those who would bend a knee rather than stand to honor our Flag and our Anthem. There are few sins so foul as the sin of ingratitude. That you have the right to protest no one disputes. But you have befouled your protests with your lack of appreciation for the great blessings which are yours. There are few sins so despicable as the sin of ingratitude. You return the richness of your many blessings with scorn for that country which made your blessings possible. The sin is particularly grievous because given your fallacious status of “heroes” it reaches out to infect and inflame the ignorant.

I speak to the owners of the teams which are “united” in protest. The folly of appeasement ranks not far behind the sin of ingratitude. You have sacrificed your principles to appease those who cannot be appeased. With an eye unto the almighty dollar, you sell your integrity and have relinquished any claim to possessing a backbone. You have not learned the lessons of history. Appeasement is a hungry animal, the more you feed it, the more it wants.

There is a God in Heaven and He has deigned to bless this nation above all others. No nation in the history of the world has given more, nor is any better able than these United States of America to give of its monies to bless the poor and deprived of other nations. But that which is precious above all it has also given, and that beyond the mark, even the lifeblood of our young men and women. You may protest in the manner that you choose for that is your right. In so doing you spurn the sacrifice of those who have given their all and continue so to do that you might exercise that right, and that is nigh unforgivable.

In return may you kneel in protest to empty stadiums.