Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

“Into each life some rain must fall
But too much is falling in mine
Into each heart some tears must fall
But some day the sun will shine…”

So went the song made popular by the now departed Ella Fitzgerald. Much truth is found in those words. Life was not meant to be trouble free. In fact, if we will look closely, we will discover that our periods of greatest growth came during times of trial. It is in the struggle, the swimming against the current, when we achieve real fulfillment. As a trainer of fighters, I would have poorly prepared them for the battle had I been easy on them in training. No! I tested them to the limit of their endurance! The result, more often than not, was victory in the contest. More important, in the process, character was built, and success in life followed.

Is it not so with our Creator, who looking down on each of us, is often compelled to say, “whom I love I chasten?” But, with the chastening, if we will humbly submit, comes deliverance. When we are knocked to our knees, we have choices to make. We may murmur, complain, and go so far as to curse the heavens. On the other hand, perhaps some repentance is needed, that we might align our lives to the will of the Almighty. Is it not time to be of service to others even less fortunate than ourselves? We are not so beaten that we cannot look around us to find someone in more dire circumstances! Can we not deal bread to the hungry, and help others undo their heavy burdens? If we will do so with a repentant heart, we will find that gradually our own cares will dissipate, for our light shall break forth as the morning, and the Lord will be our guiding light. We can do no better.