Iran’s Supreme Leader, a pragmatist?

A spokesman for the administration explains the difficulties of attempting to persuade Iran to abandon its plans to acquire nuclear weapon status. “There is a continued erosion of diplomatic relations with Iran. We want a deal more than Iran’s leader does. He continues to say NO…this man is a pragmatist, committed to his goal of acquiring a nuclear weapon.” My, my! He says NO? This is part of the problem. Our Yale and Princeton educated government leaders are able to intellectually define those who are committed to our destruction as “pragmatists,” while unable to define those who use violence and intimidation in the pursuit of their political aims, as the terrorists they are. They arrive at the bargaining table exuding a farcical bravado, demonstrated by tough talk which has no credibility. We have told the world and our enemies what we are not going to do. We cringe in the realization that rather then tout our strengths, our president has dismantled our nuclear defenses, and continues to downsize our military and cashier our best generals and admirals. We may console ourselves with the revelation that Iran’s supreme leader is a pragmatist.