Like Unto Jesus

There is something to be said about humility in a man. That the proud eventually fall is an uncontested truism. The proud tend to selfishness, and serve no one. The humble man on the other hand, is acquainted with service. In serving others he serves God, for in serving, he patterns his life after the Savior. We recall that in His last mortal hours (Luke 22) a greatly saddened Jesus of Nazareth sat down to a last meal with His apostles. Despite the solemnity and sadness of the hour, the apostles disputed amongst themselves as to who should have the seats of honor, causing the Lord to remind them that the greatest among them was he who served. Tenderly and with sadness He pleaded, asking who is greater, that one seated at the table, or the one serving? He answered for them: “But I am among you as he who serveth.” So ought we to be, and so ought we to do; as Jesus. Yes, we can improve, we can do better. There are the widows and the fatherless, and those who are unfriended and lonely. We can emulate the only true Master, even Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. Indeed, it is good to try to be like Jesus, by serving, quietly and without fanfare.