Needed in Leadership, Integrity

integrity_poster-rac7c4b52fc124ddcaf10a21320a0293e_wv3_8byvr_512Needed in Washington! Righteous and God fearing men and women of such integrity that they cannot be bought. Yes men and women possessed of integrity, be they Republican, or Democrat, or Liberterian, willing to lead this country in righteousness, out of love of country and their fellow Americans. Integrity, a virtue of such scarcity in public office these days, as to put our country in great danger. Integrity? Integrity you say? How may we define this virtue? I will turn to someone much greater than I, for his definition of this virtue is flawless. He explains it thus:

“Integrity is a great law of human conduct. There need be some absolutes in life. There are some things that should never be done, some lines that should never be crossed, vows that should never be broken, words that should never be spoken and thoughts that should never be entertained. Those with integrity find the humility to change, ask forgiveness, cleave to truth, and love that which is right.” (James E. Faust)

Find me possessors of so elevated a virtue and I will follow them anywhere.