Oh Where is Integrity?

Confusion reigns in the highest offices of the land, with uncertainly and a lack of integrity published for all to see. Can we take a man at his word, if continuously he will pronounce one thing, only to come back on another day to renounce what was first said? Oh, where is integrity? And what does it say about me when I leap to the defense of such a man? If such is a sign of the times, surely evil reigns. Tennyson attributed to Sir Galahad this lofty ideal: “My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.” That person in whose heart lurks an ever present lie has not such a strength. He becomes instead a divider, for only a foolish people will have confidence in one who deals in deviousness and falsifications. What can we, in our lowly status as citizens do, when those in positions of authority lead by poor example? We can resolve to do better. We can make a difference where we stand. We can look to the Light, and in such glory shine, for,
Man is his own star; and the soul that can
Render an honest and a perfect man
Commands all light, all influence, all fate.
Nothing to him falls early, or too late.
Our acts our angels are…” (John Fletcher)