On the use of violent and overwhelming force


They give so much, our military forces do, and in return receive so little. To ask them to do more, is heartrending, but to suppose that there will be no more boots on the ground because our President has given a speech assuring us of that, is to be somewhat naive. Though we Americans are loath to send our warriors to retake a hill unwisely abandoned, we ask the question; if our Armed Forces will not go after ISIS, what Army will?  There are the British, who have already begun to lead the way, but their military has not the strength nor the resources this nation does. Nonetheless, after the beheading of a British citizen yesterday, the British Prime Minister headed home immediately for an emergency meeting with his cabinet. There is the possibility of a coalition, but except Americans lead the way, it will not suffice. Ah, hindsight, oft grievous and burdensome hindsight! Politicians ought listen to those called upon to shed blood in behalf of their country. But the deed is done. Now, would that our President come to the understanding that, having once abandoned a hard won objective, such grievous happenings as the beheading of any American citizen require an immediate, violent, and overwhelming response, the likes of which only the American Military is capable of. Except this is done, there will rise up other forces, which, were it possible, will be as evil, or more, then the present foe, in their contemptuous and unbridled scorning of a now impotent America. Four days have passed since our President’s speech. He said many of the right things, of that which people needed to hear, except to tell us “we are at war.” I said at the time,  “We shall see if the President’s resolve is equal to his rhetoric.” But instead, Mr. President, you vacillate, for four days have passed! Not now, but at the conclusion of your speech, massive bombing runs should have been authorized. Instead, your people measured the polls. With deep concern for our country and our children who will live in it when we are gone, we pray you will step down, for our nation is in danger, which fact you will not acknowledge.