Our Failing Schools

Because I have been for the most part, self taught, and because I have yet to encounter a better instructor than my own mother was, I have become an avid advocate of home schooling. It is a fact that those who are home schooled get more face to face attention, and this generally from the best teachers in the world, their own mothers. In these trying times, most would agree that the home environment is, or ought be, a safe environment, spiritually as well as physically. Not so our schools, where for the most part, attendance is becoming spiritually unsafe. No longer is the Christ pageant acted out by children at Christmas time. Thanks to spineless school administrators, the Thanksgiving holiday has denigrated abysmally into a politically correct feast, rather than what it actually was; a time when beleaguered pilgrims were saved from starvation in answer to petitions to God. Native Americans came to the rescue, for which poignant prayers were offered up in thanksgiving. No prayers of thanksgiving in our schools, where attendance is now threatened by the possibility of physical harm. To whom can we turn, when God has been taken out of the picture? Safety, spiritually and physically? Not so in our schools, when universities and colleges are turning out teachers learned in new educational philosophies, humanism, and pragmatic theories. Every parent would do well to monitor closely what their children are being taught in the public school arena, lest they begin to ingest (from influential adults) that which may be injurious to their spiritual health. In time, many of us will come to the realization that some schools have fallen below our best standards; indeed, they have lost the way and become the problem! Problems beget problems. Are we not reaping the fruit of a society where God is not?