Reverence our Redeemer

I have always held in kind regard my kinsmen, the Maori people of New Zealand. Here comes one of the greatest Moari singers of all time, Sir Howard Morrison, singing the beautiful hymn, “Whakaaria Mai” or as we know it “How Great Thou Art” on the occasion of a visit to New Zealand by Elizabeth, Queen of England, and her husband Phillip, the Duke of Edinburg. New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, recognizing the Queen as Sovereign. While not all New Zealanders are pleased with the arrangement, the Maoris have a high regard for the Queen. We should note that Sir Howard picked a hymn honoring the God of Heaven with which to welcome the Queen and her husband. Would that all Heads of State, with ours being foremost, should so be welcomed, with moving tribute to that Being to Whom we all owe reverence, even the Redeemer of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ!

How Great Thou Art Whakaaria Mai
Sir Howard Morrison
“How Great Thou Art”