Speak little, do much

The President will be addressing the nation the evening of 10 September regarding ISIS. One would put himself for a moment, into the mindset of the enemy. With the anniversary of 11 September the following day, are you throwing down the gauntlet, Mr. President? It is not wise to appear to challenge a bitter foe except one is up to meeting the threat. One may occupy a large enclosure with a wildcat, and eventually the wildcat may attack, but it is folly to provoke it, unless one has the means AND the will to kill it. The means, being the mightiest military in the world, have been available since ISIS first was brought to your attention twelve months past. The will, the backbone, a sense of expediency, as well as the humility to take counsel from your military advisers? Ah, to that sir, you have been a stranger! Mr. President, for the sake of our citizenry, beware of 11 September, for were it possible, on that day ISIS would blow up the world had it the means to do so. You have left open our Southern border for too long, allowing much unknown contraband and peoples to come across. Russia, China,  Iran, North Korea, and other hostile states are viewing your handling of this matter intently. It is our hope that during this ill advised press conference, you will not inform ISIS too completely of what our military intends to do. Stifle the  tendency to give out too much information. A little suspense before lowering the boom can be good for our side and terribly destructive to theirs. The United States Military holds firmly to the tactics of shock and awe, and you must not interfere in what you know little of.  Nor should you tell our enemies what we are not going to do, for such only encourages them. Much is at stake here, sir. Two Americans have been publicly beheaded. Ought not such a horrific murder be answered? Mr. President, the citizens of this nation, Democrats and Republicans alike, are united in their concern for the future of our beloved nation. These are grievous times, sir, and we pray for our nation. Yes, we pray for our nation, for after all that has been said to the contrary, by those who would see our destruction, we are a free and Christian nation. We will remain free as long as we recognize the only true God, and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and adhere to their commandments. Therefore our prayers are in your behalf, that in the time left in your presidency, you will act wisely and firmly, putting the nation’s interests before your own. We invite your prayers as well, for so have other great leaders done before you. It would be folly to enter into so terrible a crisis without having consulted with our God. And then, having prayed earnestly, arise. Go forward. Speak little, but do much.   .