They will do it

It is the Marines, the Soldiers, the Sailors, the Airmen who will do the fighting and dying. It will always be them, so why not let them do the planning and then follow the plan? The plan at this moment is that there is no plan. What is taking place is a tragedy in the […]

Scorpions and ISIS

When we prepare for the worst, we lessen our fears of such. We batten the hatches, so to speak, against the oncoming storm, and then commend ourselves to God. Scorpions are undesirable within any home, so one hunts them out and kills them, wherever they may be found. ISIS ventures out of Syria to kill […]

Speak little, do much

The President will be addressing the nation the evening of 10 September regarding ISIS. One would put himself for a moment, into the mindset of the enemy. With the anniversary of 11 September the following day, are you throwing down the gauntlet, Mr. President? It is not wise to appear to challenge a bitter foe […]

Weakness displayed, Mr President

Briefly, addressing our President’s media current meeting (August 22, 2014) regarding the beheading of an American citizen. Not the President, nor the Vice President, nor the National Security Advisor, but instead a deputy addresses the media. Weakness is displayed. Mr Rhodes is doing his best, but he is not qualified to speak when the President […]

The malignancy that is ISIS

Most forms of the dread disease, cancer, can by cured if caught early enough. However, If the malignancy is not treated immediately, it kills. In the Middle East, a malignant cancer is growing, with no effort being made to stop its growth. This malignant growth, we know as ISIS, and it has vowed to plant […]