Teach them to pray

We would teach our children how to pray. As we do so, we will find that they take to it quite naturally, instinctively really. After all, prayer amounts to putting into words the deepest longings of the heart.

Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,
Uttered or unexpressed;
The motion of a hidden fire
That trembles in the breast

Our children will surprise us, for they will unerringly pray with faith, a sure knowledge really, that their prayers are heard. We can be assured that the pleadings of a child in his purity will pierce the veil.

I recall an instance many years ago when my children were yet small. I was out on my place burning trash, when a fierce wind blew up. In an instance, sparks flew everywhere and the dry grass around us caught fire. Despite my best efforts to contain it, the fire began to rage out of control. When all seemed lost, one of my little sons, but four years of age, fell to his knees, and with folded arms and bowed head cried out, “Heavenly Father, please stop the wind so my daddy can put the fire out, in Jesus Name, amen!” No sooner had he uttered those words, than the wind stopped.

Yes, we ought teach our children to pray, for it is the one source of strength which will never fail them. In this troubled world we can do no better than to teach them to pray to the Father, in Jesus name. They will then know that come what may, they are never alone.

Prayer is the simplest form of speech
That infant lips can try,
Prayer the sublimest strains that reach
The Majesty on high.”