That which really matters

th (1)At the start of the new year, I find myself considering what counsel I can give my beloved children and grandchildren which will be of value to them. In looking to the future, I would remind each one of them that while there are good things, there are also better, and although I pray that my children may be successful and do well financially, I say with all the sincerity of my heart that if they are not where they ought be spiritually, I would rather they were dirt poor, but faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord. If there be any of my little ones who is not where he or she ought be spiritually, know that the Lord stands with arms outstretched to receive you. You have not traveled beyond the reach of His love! There is work for you to do. You are needed. The Lord pleads with you, and I plead with you with all the tenderness of my heart; come back, O come back!” I pray continually for you by day, and mine eyes water my pillow by night, because of you. I know that He will hear my cry, and I know that the Lord God will consecrate my prayers in your behalf.” I plead that you consider your ways, my beloved children. If necessary, humble yourselves, and change what needs changing. Look up, and seek the things that really matter.