The Father of the Bride

Daddy daughter dances are unforgettable, particularly on the special day when she dons the beautiful white dress of a bride. Occasionally it is the will of the Father to bring a dad Home, prior to that special moment in his young daughter’s life. When daddy is no longer present, it becomes the solemn duty of others worthy to stand in his place, (a grandfather, an uncle, or a brother to the bride) to fulfill what he cannot. In this manner this choicest of moments becomes all the more poignant and memorable. Shed a tear. Yes, shed a tear, but rest assured that if it is so here, it is all the more so across the veil. Though heaven and earth shall pass away, a worthy father never loses the title, nor the privileges of a father. His love for his precious daughters is all encompassing, the depths and widths of which cannot be measured. He is, and shall ever be, the father of the bride.