The Naivete of Gun Control

I’m appalled at the naivete of those who support gun control. With that thought in mind, I’m going to repeat an earlier post, with added insights. Those who would deny us our Constitutional rights, in this case the 2nd Amendment to that sacred document, either ignorantly or purposefully, would do us great harm. I say without equivocation, that should we, as free men and women, be disarmed, we will be at the mercy of evil men. Part of the importance of the Second Amendment is that it provides the “muscle,” psychologically, and as a physical reality, for all our rights under the Constitution. Uncontrolled, government becomes our enemy. The Founding Fathers envisioned such a possibility. We need not revisit the plight of the Jews in Nazi controlled Germany, nor to any of the numerous examples of peoples living under tyranny today; we have but to look back a few decades and the laws on the books in various states which prohibited Blacks from owning guns; we have but to google the topic of “lynching” to see the horrifying ramifications befalling a disarmed people, in this country. As you read this, there are presently living amongst us, approximately 4,700,000 ex convicts. Many of these will be rehabilitated and clean up their lives, but a percentage of these, having earned their laurels in the “university of murder and mayhem”, rejoin the ranks of vicious gangs. Let me name a few. In my state of Texas, the gangs posing the greatest threat are, in order of their threat level, Tango Blast (10,000 members), Texas Syndicate (4,500 members), Barrio Azteca (3,500 members), and the Texas Mexican Mafia (6,000 members). These are but four of the 2,500 gangs found in Texas alone. The most dangerous gang in the world is Los Zetas. It can be found in such places as Lincoln, Nebraska, and in every big city in this country. The second most dangerous gang in the world is the Sinaloa Cartel. It is also in this country, as a counter to the Zetas. The Sointsevskay Bratva, a faction of the Russian Mafia is rated the third most dangerous gang worldwide. It has a strong presence in New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Grand Rapids, Chicago and Miami. MS-13, or “La Mara” has some 10,000 members in this country and is rated #7. For a visual of the effects of gun control, we have but to look to the south of us, to Mexico, laughably, a “gun free” country, such as this president and his administration envision for this country. In Mexico, only the military, the police, and the Cartels are allowed to carry guns. All three elements (almost always they are one and the same) are actively engaged in disarming the citizens, with the drug cartels most anxious and most aggressive in said disarmament. I wrote recently about what is taking place in the Mexican State of Michoacan. For ten years the Cartels have viciously plagued towns such as Zecapetepec, but despite such horrors as the Cartel “disappearing” of some two hundred fifty families in that town, and kidnappings, rapes (young girls taken from their homes), vicious murders, and beheadings, when a 600 man Army unit arrived, their first act was a sweep through the town to disarm the citizens. Despite the nearby quartering of the soldiers, the kidnappings and beheadings increased, but with greater frequency. The people of that town, led by physician Dr Jose Manuel Mireles, decided they’d had enough of the disarmament program. On February 24, 2013 they began arming themselves, with what ever was at hand. Here is what Doctor Mireles advised the self defense members. “There are only 90 members of the Cartel in this town of 25,000. Our friends and neighbors in this town are being taken from their homes and murdered daily. They roll their heads out on the streets. Am I next? Are you? Shall we wait until they come for us? If we are going to die, let us die fighting. We know who they are. If nothing else, we vastly outnumber them. Who will join me?” He thought he could count on as many as 3,000 citizen soldiers. In excess of 5,000 young men and old showed up, armed at first with clubs, pistols, shot guns, .22 caliber rifles. The Cartel members came at them with high caliber weaponry and grenades. They have been repulsed in each instance, leaving weaponry and ammunition behind, which have been distributed to members of the self defense group. Now more 30 towns in Michoacan have self defense groups. Rancher Hipolito Mora y Chavez, leads the self defense group in a neighboring town. In each town, townspeople, work at four hour stretches manning barricades surrounding each town. Old men, young men, and boys of every social class, poor men and rich men, all man the barricades, some with their wives at their sides. And, they are winning! The Cartels, like so many misguided souls in this country, hate gun ownership. Said Doctor Mireles, “We will not surrender our weapons. We cannot count on the Army to defend us. We’re taking back our state. We cannot, we will not, depend on our government with their hollow promises, while our people are being murdered. Nor will we resort to the savagery shown us. We are civilized, not animals. But we will take back our state, because we will keep our weapons, and we will defend ourselves. We intend to do what the Army will not do, that is, wipe out the Cartels.” We wish them well in this perilous endeavor. Much is at stake, for close to 90,000 Mexicans have died through Cartel violence. Let us be thankful for the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in drafting our God inspired Constitution, and let us show our gratitude by working to keep our rights found under that sacred document, inviolate. Our future as a free, God fearing people, depends on it.