They Who Dig the Trenches

They are the real heroes, those whose names grace, and yet will grace thousands upon thousands of gravestones. They are not the President of the United States, nor, (as they suppose) all the mightier than thou politicians, bigwigs, and opportunitists in Washington; nor are they the Generals and the Brass in the military; nor are they the media, who of late have taken to cover for the politicians rather than fulfill the duties to which a free press is obligated.  No, they are more than likely young men and women in their late teens grown up too quickly, youngsters who never make enough on their measly military pay to support the wife and kids who will eventually come into the picture. Know of a certainty, they are not those in high places with their illusions of importance, but rather those who dig the foxholes. Those are the real heroes. Of those who perished after braving dust, and mud, intense heat, and freezing cold, at the behest of those who never so suffered, of them it is written, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down hislife for his friends.”  (John 15:13) “Their name liveth forevermore.” (Ecclesiasticus 44:14)