They will do it

It is the Marines, the Soldiers, the Sailors, the Airmen who will do the fighting and dying. It will always be them, so why not let them do the planning and then follow the plan? The plan at this moment is that there is no plan. What is taking place is a tragedy in the making, a gradual frittering of our military into a cauldron; there will be more and more military members drawn into this cesspool with the passing of weeks, months, and years, and the enemy can deal with that. We are fighting the enemy’s fight, as dictated by him, while led by a very timid man who knows nothing of war. We had hoped we would not have to return to this, but sadly, we are there again. Thus, if it must be, why not let the military handle this, and there will be a plan: massive bombing followed by an invasion of several hundred thousand soldiers and marines, in one big push to wipe ISIS off the map. And they will do that. Only in that manner will we send a message that all of radical Islam will understand.