Time to Take on the Cartels

June 4, 2013:  United States Marine, Armando Torres III, has been kidnapped by a Mexican Drug Cartel. (See”US Marine, relatives kidnapped from Mexico border ranch” NBC News.com)This young man is one of our own. Yes, he was born in Mexico, but he is a United States Marine, and he has been kidnapped by a Mexican Drug Cartel, and this that the cartel might gain, at no cost, a ranch bordering the United States, to give them easy access to our country. The FBI is involved. We pray for their success. Mexican police are investigating, but that means nothing; nothing unless the full pressure of the United States Government is brought to bear on the investigation, and this means through the President of the United States. It is our hope that he get involved quickly. Yes, speed is of the essence here, for those kidnapped by Mexican Drug Cartels do not fare well. The expectation is that the attention garnered by his kidnapping will bring about the release of this young American Marine and his relatives. (You may join the Facebook Page “Get Our Brother Back”) Indeed, if a President demonstrates back bone, there is a way to make life very precarious for those who dare trample on the welfare of our own, and THIS YOUNG MAN IS ONE OF OUR OWN, an Iraq War veteran, and his welfare is OUR welfare. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has repeatedly stated publicly that the border is safe. Numerous border lawmen disagree with her. One of these, Maverick County Sheriff Tomas Herrerra, stated he doesn’t know what border she’s talking about, because not one mile of the 85 mile stretch of his county bordering Mexico is secure.“It is perhaps one of the dirtiest secrets in Eagle Pass,” he said. “Young men and women are kidnapped in our area and taken across the border, held for ransom or simply made to disappear. The whispers echo in high school gymnasiums, restaurants and churches and they all tell a sobering story–it happens and it happens often.” It is time to take on the cartels. This young man’s fellow Marines would be glad to take on the task. We must ask ourselves concerning the atrocities committed by the cartels, in Mexico and on American territory; WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH?