Time. Time is life. Time is measured in this life only. It is fleeting. The moments taken to write this post are immediately in the past, never to be regained. Shall we not make the most of it while we have it? Priorities? Which of us as parents would not give our lives for our little ones? Can we not do so, by giving them precious moments of our lives, for them, exclusively for them? Should we not curb any impulse to answer sharply with, “I’m busy!” in answer to never ending questions, which, in reality, is how little ones ask for our attention? Busy? Too busy to refrain from raising your voice at a little one? Too busy to put down whatever you are doing, to look into an angelic face, and capture impressions of the heart? Ah, “too busy” you say. They will not always be with you in the here and now. You shall remember. You shall remember and rue the moment you put away your little ones for something so trifling it cannot be recalled. And yet, you chose that over something most precious; your little ones asking for a moment of your time. Indeed, your time, when given to your little ones is a most precious gift. They will not forget it.