To tip or not to tip


One of my peeves is to sit in a restaurant with a person who seems to be looking for an excuse not to leave the waitress a tip. As I see it, a waitress is a person who is on her feet for long hours, eager for a moment to sit and rest her feet, feet which ache after so long standing. I see her as a single mom, struggling to make ends meet, worrying all the while about a child or children who at the moment may be home alone. “What is my baby doing? Is she alright?” Oh how her heart aches! That child, on the other hand, is in fact home alone, terribly missing mom. Or, the waitress may be an older woman, with other worries, but always,always, with worries! Being a waitress is hard work, and what is going on elsewhere may affect her on the job. No, you the person who have made up your mind not to tip her will get no support from me! Not one bit! I have a problem with your way of thinking, even if the waitress has her faults! It is people such as yourself who make her already heavy cross more difficult to bear. Leave a tip, and where possible, a hefty one. I will think better of you. “As ye have done it unto the least of these…” (Matthew 25:40) fits perfectly well here. It says nothing about judging that person first. You, on the other hand, are being judged. Leave a tip. Please.