Top Republicans Need to Step Down

Top Republicans Mitch McConnell and John Boehner need to step down. In no way should the President’s plan to attack Syria be encouraged. Not the President, nor McConnell, nor Boehner, nor any other member of Congress will be in the fight. Our fighting men and women are weary of fighting. Part of the problem with our country is that few, very, very few, of our leaders have ever donned a uniform or been involved in a knock down, drag out brawl. We are being led by pansies, pansies who tend to arrogantly look down their noses at warriors; warriors who bleed and die, and for what? Many of these young men and women come home maimed and injured for life. Visit a military hospital and see them for yourself! See the young 19 and 20 year old youngsters being fitted for prosthetic limbs; see the youngsters horribly burned to a crisp; see them make a brave effort to go on with life! And for all of this, our leaders give themselves a sumptuous raise, this in the midst of making plans to decrease veteran’s benefits which, as they stand, are but a mere pittance in comparison to said raises! A pox on our leaders if they get us into another fight which will be but a lose, lose, lose, situation! Bring our boys and girls home. We’re not in it to win. We’ve seen, in Benghazi, the real deal. Our troops are expendable. Bring them home, Mr President. That much you can do.
Congress’ top Republicans praise Obama on Syria

WASHINGTON (AP) — Leading congressional Republicans praised President Barack Obama’s decision to seek lawmakers’ approval before punishing Syria for a chemical attack.