Turkey bacon, a study in deception

I enjoy the beauty of a well constructed sentence. Try as I might, I find nothing lyrical in the phrase, “I awoke to the smell of turkey bacon.” Nor is there any truth to the statement, for you cannot make truth out of that which is counterfeit.  Search for yourself. In all of literature, you shall never find so much as one instance where anyone has ever been awakened by the smell of turkey bacon.

Nonetheless, the deception in calling a turkey byproduct bacon is miniscule. There are weightier forms of deception. A few examples will suffice:

There are those who are determined to read every word in a document before signing it, but will insist there is nothing wrong with a bill written in secrecy, which will affect the lives of millions, and in which the written print is in excess of 2,000 pages!

There are those lawmakers who have so heartily rammed Obamacare down our throats, but are themselves exempt from it.

There is our President, who told us “if you like your health plan you can keep it.”

He also was heard to utter these words: “I do solemnly swear or (affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

There is the media, which sought every opportunity to call the former President a liar, but  will refer to this President’s lies as “incorrect promises”or “an inflated promise,” or “promises he couldn’t keep”.

There are those who stridently oppose the death penalty, but are firm supporters of abortion.

There are those demagogues, the very epitome of hypocrisy, who raise a hue and cry of racism at every opportunity. Where were their voices when De’Marquise Elkins shot a 13 month old baby in the face because his mother had no money in her purse?

Indeed, there are those who weave a pattern of lies in high places, telling us that what is plain to see is not; about Benghazi, the IRS, and Fast and Furious. Such brazen lies by this nation’s leadership ought frighten us to the core.

Yes, there are greater deceptions than turkey passing for bacon. In such cases, what is the recourse to which the lowliest among us may turn?

We must determine to vote in every election. We must seek out, studiously and prayerfully the very best candidates. Our nation’s future is in peril.

As individuals, we must determine never to be part of any deception or falsehood, but instead to be harbingers of truth. As individuals, acting in concert, we can bring back morality and decency and truth. By small means will great things be brought to pass.  We are correct to ask, and to be reminded. What is this virtue we must now wholeheartedly ingest, changing our very lives if necessary, to endorse it well?

“Tis the fairest gem                            That the riches of worlds can produce

‘Tis the brightest prize                           To which mortals or Gods can aspire

‘Tis the last and the first,                     For the limits of time it steps o’er    Tho the heavens depart and the earth’s fountains burst,
Truth, the sum of existence, will weather the worst, eternal, unchanged evermore.”
(“Oh Say What is Truth?” John Jaques)

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  1. Uh oh- i didn’t scroll down to view this post in its entirety. Of course you aren’t writing about turkey bacon. Forgive my hastily written comment. Lol…

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