We are at war, Mr President!

“We have to change a culture that says you suck it up,” Obama said, adding that he probably suffered mild concussions as a young football player…..” After watching Mr Obama’s ill fated attempt to throw out the first pitch, and make 2 out of 22 free throws, the probability that the young future president ever engaged in football is improbable…Mr President, while you take time out of your busy schedule to opine about concussion in sports, tens of thousands of our young men and women are manning the front lines in wars not of their making, in horrific conditions not you nor any of the ivy league fellows cloistered about you can begin to imagine. In addition to dirt and grime and mud and nigh unbearable heat or extreme cold, there are the dreaded IEDs and suicide bombers and all the demonic devices a fanatical enemy can throw at them. They are at war, Mr President! Their plight trumps your concern over concussions, concussions which are piddling in comparison to even one Benghzi! There is insult added to injury, in the realization that after the thousands of KIA and horribly maimed American soldiers, we were never in this war to win it. “Suck it up” is defined as, “to endure a period of mental, physical, or emotional hardship with no complaining.” They, our American military, have done that extremely well. Will you, and those around you who have never known what it is to have the thunder smacked out of you, in that ritual men who are men have encountered oft times in the process of growing up, trivialize the phrase, “suck it up,” and take that from them as well? The American Warrior, Mr President, must not be sissified by chair bound politicians who have never wiped a bloody nose before reentering the fray. Permit me to give you how I view the American Warrior, a view which must not be lost. The American Warrior is one who will “suck it up” as he always has, and when all appears lost, rally to the call of “FIX BAYONETS!”