You sir, are no junk yard dog

Six months have passed, since the penning of this article, and the situation worsens in the Ukraine. ISIS is gobbling up the middle East and threatening Europe, Britain and the United States. Our southern border is wide open, with the US Border Patrol pulled back 24 miles from the border, on orders from the President. Intelligence sources are picking up chatter between ISIS operatives and the Cartels. ISIS is on our Southern Border. Because you are AWOL Mr. President, preferring the golf course and fund raising to leading the country, this people will suffer. original post below) In response to the news banner, “Obama in direct’ confrontation with Putin on Ukraine” dated 1 March 2014 Mr President, your actions and your remarks are lamentable. You cannot go about the world apologizing for the country you preside over, whilst bowing to 3rd World potentates and tin horn dictators and then expect your words to have substance. You demonstrate weakness, Mr President, you the leader of the greatest nation on earth; you demonstrate weakness, Mr President, you the Commander in Chief of the mightiest military force on the planet, which force you seek to dismantle at a time of such danger; you demonstrate weakness, and for this, the people will suffer. You have trampled on the Constitution, that wonderful document which differentiates and raises this people and this nation above all others. You are President not of one party, but of all the people; rather than govern all the people, you have divided them! You engage in retaliation against those who oppose your views, viewing them as deserving retribution, as if they were more dangerous than our enemies abroad. Mr Putin is an evil man, a killer, a product of the old Soviet Empire’s KGB, or Secret Police. His goal is to restore Russia to its former glory as the Soviet Union, and he is going about it methodically. Can you not see this? Your meetings with him have been disastrous. At his request you have dismantled the very trump card held over his head, our nuclear warheads. Far better that you meet with him no longer, lest you give up what is left. He is calculated, he is tough, he is cold, and down right mean, like unto a junk yard dog. You sir, are no junk yard dog.