Your Crowing is Premature, Mr President

In your speech today, (1 April 2014)  Mr President, you crowed over the Affordable Care Act. It has exceeded seven million enrolled, and, you suggest, all will be well.  Perhaps some humility is in order, sir. Any plan calling for over 2,000 pages of fine print, and formulated in secret, behind closed doors, with only the representatives of one party in attendance, is suspect from the start, and will continue to be suspect. We remain in the dark Mr President. Premiums are going up and deductibles are high. Penalties are in the offing, for failure to  comply with a law which is being shoved down the throats of the American people. Those penalties will be enforced, via the heavy hand of the Internal Revenue Service. As always, those who most need help, will suffer the most. They are the very poor. Yes, Mr President, a dark cloud hangs over this abomination which bears your name. Notwithstanding the cheering of the sycophants surrounding you, we shall soon be observers of a curious thing. We shall, with a careful eye, observe the members of your party running for the Senate in the mid terms. And this is what we shall see; the very mention of the term “Obama Care” will be anathema to them! They will shun it sir. They will shun it, for this reason: any man or woman running for office who supports it will be eviscerated at the polls. But all is not lost sir. You may take comfort in the fact that any speech made on April 1st is suspect. “Lustitia semper praevaleat”.