A strong friend in the President

CNN chirps that our military has today targeted its 176th airstrike over the past several weeks. Each airstrike it seems, must have the President’s approval. This timid approach to a terrible crisis emboldens our enemies around the world. We quote with disbelief the President’s words to the President of the Ukraine. “You have a strong friend in this President…!” Strong words, indeed! Not so much talk by our military leaders. Rather than 176 airstrikes spread out over numerous weeks, our military leaders believe in shock and awe, typical of which would be some 200 airstrikes a day, to be followed up by overwhelming force on the ground which would sweep before them ISIS. Knowing this, ISIS will not confront our military in a conventional battle. No matter, for this President will not allow such. And while one is loathe to concede a need for a new military front, at the cost of so much sacrifice to our sons and daughters, one understands the need to regain lost initiative and our position of strength in the world. Any who have even a slight understanding of history, will understand the grave dangers facing us. We pray that our leaders might come to their senses, that such may be averted.