Adios, Johnny, Adios

I remember Johnny lifting his shirt to show me the wound marks left by the three nails. The fight had been a brutal one, and to beat Johnny, his opponent had taken a two by four to him. The nails in the board had pierced Johnny’s side, puncturing a lung. John spent six months in […]

Ye Ought forgive One Another

I awoke very early one morning pondering over the things I had not been able to forgive. I mentally recounted some of them. There was the teacher who terrified and bullied me when I was a little child. That was most difficult to forgive, for I remembered the tears it brought to my gentle mother. […]

The Theme of Redemption

Great literature has the capacity to stir our souls, and to uplift and edify us. The greatest of all the works of literature center on and around the theme of man’s desire to better himself, and to redeem and separate himself from that which is degrading. Such a work of literature is Joseph Conrad’s “Lord […]

A Trap and a Snare

More than two decades ago I served as a full-time recruiter for the Army National Guard. I had done damage to my government vehicle. The brass above me wanted me to resign. Definitely not. When that did not work they wanted me to pay for the value of the car, which they would retain. Definitely […]

Our Father’s Love

Do I love my children and grandchildren? To the point of adoration! If this be so, I move forward in the faith that my love for them is but in small measure a similitude of my Heavenly Father’s love for me. One day I shall have the privilege of again beholding his face, and He […]