Weakness displayed, Mr President

Briefly, addressing our President’s media current meeting (August 22, 2014) regarding the beheading of an American citizen. Not the President, nor the Vice President, nor the National Security Advisor, but instead a deputy addresses the media. Weakness is displayed. Mr Rhodes is doing his best, but he is not qualified to speak when the President ought do so. In the President’s defense, we understand, with deep sadness, that another prisoner’s life is at risk. We pray this President and those around him be granted the wisdom to bring him home safely. However, our concerns are heightened by such behavior as that on the eve of the beheading, when the President returned to the game of golf immediately after his brief remarks. The world is burning, and the President of these great United States, purportably the most powerful nation on earth, is on vacation! Even your liberal supporters are concerned about the message this sends, Mr. President!¬†Further, suggesting criminal prosecution for the perpetrators of this evil deed in lieu of removing such evil from the earth via military action? This is weakness displayed. Such weakness only fans the flames. There comes a time when evil must be confronted and eradicated. The horrible death of one American citizen, and the very real threat of horrible death to any American taken captive by ISIS is an indicator; the time is NOW.